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At Sidmouth School of Art, we use art and creativity to engage, explore and educate through a constellation of cultural activities.

  • Museums of Antiquities and Contemporary Art

    Sidmouth's town square is home to two iconic telephone boxes which have been restored and transformed into art spaces that feature Antiquities and Contemporary Art.

  • Riverside Walkway Revitalised

    Riverside Walkway Revitalised aims to improve the public walkway from the Ham playpark to the mouth of the river Sid and Alma Bridge. Outdoor galleries and a brass rubbing trail will highlight local heritage and biodiversity to create a reflective wellbeing space. 

We are committed, in the pursuit of our mission to inclusion, equality and diversity. We treat ourselves and others with respect, dignity and kindness. We are curious, collaborative and constantly learning. Through our creative cultural approach we strive to proactively inspire and empower ourselves and others to reflect our commitment.
Sidmouth School of Art equality, diversity and inclusion statement

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